Happy 800th Anniversary Magna Carta – where has justice gone?

Happy Birthday Magna Carta! 800 years tomorrow!

This article was written two months ago, just before the election. The general message should be clear to all readers, and has just been solidly reinforced by Cameron’s appointment of a second non-lawyer as Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove.

I shudder to contemplate the state of Justice in this country by the time of the next election, but if I were to offer a prediction, I would borrow the words of J.R.R. Tolkein: “History became legend. Legend became myth”. Much of the Justice system of England and Wales is already history, which doesn’t bode well for five years’ time.


On 15th June 2015, we celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. The website, which has been set up as part of the celebration of this great event, emphasises the importance of this innovative document, which established for the first time the accountability of the state and the rights of the common man. The above web page heralds as its title “To no one deny or delay right or justice”. A noble proclamation, and ye (well, we) can all find countless pages devoted to the Magna Carta celebrations on the web.

So, why ye (sorry, you) may ask, is there a Vote for Justice Rally on the 23rd April, less than 2 months before the 800th anniversary of arguably the most important event in English justice, ever?

The short answer is that the last two years have seen the most significant and sustained assault on justice in…

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