The Legal Services Board recently published a survey that revealed that 87% of small businesses considered that lawyers were not cost effective in resolving legal issues.

Furthermore, the survey found that only 10% of small businesses had used lawyers in the past year, a reduction of 100% on the year before.

Legal advice is often a “stress purchase”, particularly when obtained in the aftermath of an accident or dispute. A solicitor’s charging structure has traditionally been on the basis of hourly rates, and whilst there is considerable evidence of change to more affordable models, this survey suggests that small businesses still do not see legal advice generally as value for money.

This is why Small Claims Assistance offers legal assistance and advice at low fixed fees, which are proportionate to the amount in dispute.

Since I started Small Claims Assistance, I have seen numerous small businesses who have tried to handle complex litigation by themselves, and have, at best, delayed the resolution of their case, and, at worst, lost a winnable case because they did not understand the technicalities of the law. In between are a host of litigants who cost themselves money by making mistakes, some of which later have to apply to the court to rectify, and some of which cannot be rectified.

In the face of a legal “taxi meter” ticking at an hourly rate, it appears that many small businesses prefer to throw the dice, even when opposed by lawyers paid for by their opponent.

Such risks however are unnecessary with legal advice offered at low and proportionate fixed fees, whether that be £50 for drafting a Claim Form and detailed Particulars of Claim, or £25 for a brief advice. I am happy to assist with all types of money claims, whether pursued or defended, and regardless of whether they have just commenced, or are close to trial.

Litigating in person, with all the risks that entails to your business, in order to avoid substantial further unrecoverable legal costs, is understandable. Taking the same risks when your cost exposure is a small fraction of your loss, is not.

At Small Claims Assistance, you are represented by myself, a fully qualified and insured lawyer, with partner level experience at paralegal prices.

If you need affordable legal help resolving a contractual claim, call 07947 226637, or email me on




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